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Millennium Development Goals: evaluation and beyond

In the year 2000, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, world leaders gathered at the United Nations in order to establish an ambitious project aimed at fighting global poverty in all its forms. They adopted the so-called eight Millennium Development … Continue reading

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When does unequal growth reduce income poverty? A new index combining absolute and relative dimensions of poverty

We are happy to share a guest post published by one of our regular contributors, Benoit Decerf, on the World Bank’s Development Impact website. Read more about his Job Market paper here:  

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Female Empowerment and Islamic Political Control in Turkey

It is commonly believed that Islamic political representation leads to lower women’s rights in societies. However, there is a lack of causal studies on the relationship between Islamic rule and outcomes such as education, female political participation, adolescent marriages, etc. … Continue reading

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Gender Discrimination & Social Norms in India

Gender inequality in India is a widely discussed topic by researchers as well as media (Sen, 2001 presents an overview). As the country’s economic and social indicators improve, there is an increasing demand for ending the discrimination against women. Research … Continue reading

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Decline of inequality in Latin America

Latin America has been historically characterized by high levels of inequality. Available statistics on both income and consumption inequality suggest that Latin America is one of the most unequal regions in the world. However, the last decade has witnessed a … Continue reading

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Stereotype Threat and Inequality

Stereotype threat has been one of the most researched phenomena in the social psychology literature over the past one and a half decades. The number of citations of Claude Steele and Joshua Aronson’s seminal article[1] speaks for itself: as of … Continue reading

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Consumption inequalities: from the household to the individual?

While income inequalities have been extensively studied, they give a rather limited idea on the inequalities of living conditions. Inequalities of consumption give a better picture of inequalities of living conditions. Unfortunately, most surveys provide information on household consumption but … Continue reading

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