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Why would poor people vote for an elite party? The BJP victory puzzle in India

In a previous blog post “Electoral turnout, why should we care“, I mentioned that India was an outlier with respect to the voting behavior of poor people, because poor people tend to have a higher turnout than rich people, whereas … Continue reading

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Child poverty and policies.

In many countries there is a higher incidence of income poverty among children than in the adult population.[1] This is particularly acute in developing areas like Latin America but affects developed nations too.[2] In the United States (US), for instance, … Continue reading

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Millennium Development Goals: evaluation and beyond

In the year 2000, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, world leaders gathered at the United Nations in order to establish an ambitious project aimed at fighting global poverty in all its forms. They adopted the so-called eight Millennium Development … Continue reading

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Inheritance, dependence and poverty

A few weeks ago, I attended a conference [i] which gathered social scientists (sociologists, historians, economists, legal experts) working on a similar topic using different approaches. This year’s topic was “Inheritance and Bequest”[ii]. I had the opportunity to listen to … Continue reading

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When does unequal growth reduce income poverty? A new index combining absolute and relative dimensions of poverty

We are happy to share a guest post published by one of our regular contributors, Benoit Decerf, on the World Bank’s Development Impact website. Read more about his Job Market paper here:  

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Homeless women: what do we know?

Homelessness is an extreme form of poverty and social exclusion. Studying homelessness scientifically is clearly a delicate undertaking due to the difficulty of identifying, approaching and communicating with homeless people. A large fraction of the scientific work on homelessness comes … Continue reading

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Identifying the worst off in a society: does the choice of well-being measure matter?

The first basic task in the design of anti-poverty policies is the identification of the worst off, i.e. those individuals that should benefit from redistribution through, e.g., targeted social benefit schemes. This requires a method to make interpersonal comparisons of … Continue reading

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