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Child poverty and policies.

In many countries there is a higher incidence of income poverty among children than in the adult population.[1] This is particularly acute in developing areas like Latin America but affects developed nations too.[2] In the United States (US), for instance, … Continue reading

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When does unequal growth reduce income poverty? A new index combining absolute and relative dimensions of poverty

We are happy to share a guest post published by one of our regular contributors, Benoit Decerf, on the World Bank’s Development Impact website. Read more about his Job Market paper here:  

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Behavioural Development Economics: Lessons from Field Labs in the Developing World

The now established field of experimental economics uses lab experiments to test behavioural assumptions and hypothesis of our standard models of decision-making (eg. if individuals have self-interested preferences). There is fair amount of evidence challenging our classical assumptions, and showing … Continue reading

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Female Empowerment and Islamic Political Control in Turkey

It is commonly believed that Islamic political representation leads to lower women’s rights in societies. However, there is a lack of causal studies on the relationship between Islamic rule and outcomes such as education, female political participation, adolescent marriages, etc. … Continue reading

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Homeless women: what do we know?

Homelessness is an extreme form of poverty and social exclusion. Studying homelessness scientifically is clearly a delicate undertaking due to the difficulty of identifying, approaching and communicating with homeless people. A large fraction of the scientific work on homelessness comes … Continue reading

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Identifying the worst off in a society: does the choice of well-being measure matter?

The first basic task in the design of anti-poverty policies is the identification of the worst off, i.e. those individuals that should benefit from redistribution through, e.g., targeted social benefit schemes. This requires a method to make interpersonal comparisons of … Continue reading

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Groundwater and rural poverty in India

Access to groundwater is a key element for agriculture in many developing countries. This is the case in India, where more than half of the population works in agriculture and 60% of agricultural production relies on groundwater irrigation. The access … Continue reading

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