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Gender Discrimination & Social Norms in India

Gender inequality in India is a widely discussed topic by researchers as well as media (Sen, 2001 presents an overview). As the country’s economic and social indicators improve, there is an increasing demand for ending the discrimination against women. Research … Continue reading

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Affirmative Action and Stereotypes

In a recent blog article, Karla Hoff talks about why economists should care about affirmative action. In a joint paper with Joseph Stiglitz she proposes a framework that links performance and self-confidence: People make biased inferences about their probability to succeed in a task, … Continue reading

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Stereotype Threat and Inequality

Stereotype threat has been one of the most researched phenomena in the social psychology literature over the past one and a half decades. The number of citations of Claude Steele and Joshua Aronson’s seminal article[1] speaks for itself: as of … Continue reading

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