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Why would poor people vote for an elite party? The BJP victory puzzle in India

In a previous blog post “Electoral turnout, why should we care“, I mentioned that India was an outlier with respect to the voting behavior of poor people, because poor people tend to have a higher turnout than rich people, whereas … Continue reading

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When does unequal growth reduce income poverty? A new index combining absolute and relative dimensions of poverty

We are happy to share a guest post published by one of our regular contributors, Benoit Decerf, on the World Bank’s Development Impact website. Read more about his Job Market paper here:  

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Identifying the worst off in a society: does the choice of well-being measure matter?

The first basic task in the design of anti-poverty policies is the identification of the worst off, i.e. those individuals that should benefit from redistribution through, e.g., targeted social benefit schemes. This requires a method to make interpersonal comparisons of … Continue reading

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How poverty may lead to lack of self-control… and vice-versa

How are poverty and self-control problems related? A recent article by Douglas Bernheim, Debraj Ray and Sevin Yeltekin tries to tackle this question by shedding light on the interaction between low levels of resources and people’s ability, or inability, to … Continue reading

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In-kind benefits, incentives, and labor supply

Policies dedicated to directly increasing the material well-being of poor people can broadly be ranked in three categories. The first category is the direct money transfers to poor people. The second category is the subsidy to prices of goods that … Continue reading

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How to measure welfare in multiple dimensions: the case of India

It is now widely agreed that welfare is a multidimensional concept.  That is, welfare does not reduce only to pecuniary consumption but encompasses different aspects of life relevant for assessing a person’s well-being.  We can mention, without exhausting all relevant … Continue reading

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